Old Discontinued Project - Mystery:

Mystery was a project originally created by my friend Ateric. The present versions of our selves faded away as our old personas came back to take over what they thought was there's. You can view the page I made for it here:


Older Version: The Old Site!

Yep! That's right, the site you just saw before is actually a newer version. I decided to change it up because I didn't like how generic the old one was. I should say that because it's old, it won't be updated again. That means when a new year comes around, it'll still say 2018. You can see it here:


Joke Site: A Tribute To Shitty 1996 Geocities Pages...

When I first created this site, it used to be a tribute to bad Geocities pages made in 1996! I got rid of it but then regretted it. While going through my stuff, I found the code for it, and remade it! See it here:


That's it...for now.

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